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Art Show - RVRS Photography May 2014

RVRS Photography – Art Show @ Open Interactive Costa Mesa, CA – May 2014

“At a time in history where digital interfaces have outgrown traditional tools of photography and its media, here I favor the use of wood which allows the photographies to fade more naturally into it. “United Flesh” works in that direction, this is a project that helps me create an object with more nostalgic connotations which i hope to share with the public.”


“If, however, I need a brighter color calibration and effect for specific images; the Diasec is a great media.”


“Diasec is a registered trademark for a process used for face-mounting prints like photographs on acrylic sheets. The process was invented by Heinz Sovilla-Brulhart in 1969. Because of the different light penetration and refraction of acrylic compared to normal glass, the colours are more brilliant and the image sharper than compared to standard glass in a picture frame. A Diasec mount is usually of a high gloss finish. Because the print is glued to the acrylic glass, the result is a completely flat mount of the image.The print is also resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light because of the properties of acrylic glass.”
Source: Wikipedia