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Le Morvan Fantastique

Le Morvan Fantastique

– Claude Tillier (1801-1844) J’aimais surtout le Morvan parce que c’est un pays qui ne ressemble à aucun autre ; les limites en sont profondément empreintes sur le sol ; aussitôt que vous y avez fait un pas, vous ne pouvez le méconnaitre; vous le […]

Krónos – Classic IV

And an astronomer said, “Master, what of Time?” And he answered: You would measure time the measureless and the immeasurable. You would adjust your conduct and even direct the course of your spirit according to hours and seasons. Of time you would make a stream […]

“What happened to Orange County?” United Flesh

‘United Flesh’, a street photographic research, I started in 2010, illustrating the bridge of culture from the post WWII Americana to the image of the US today : a parallel between the American dream of the 50’s and the present day social and cultural landscape which shaped them.

Street Art, Paris 2015

‘Street’ artists attempt to have their work communicate with everyday people about socially relevant themes in ways that are informed by esthetic values without being imprisoned by them.